New Directions Counseling and Wellness Center offers counseling services provided by
Licensed Professional Counselor Interns (LPC Interns).

What are the credentials of an LPC Intern?


LPC Interns hold a masters degree in counseling, which includes a supervised practicum working directly with clients in a counseling setting.  Additionally they have passed the National Counselor Examination (NCE) and completed the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors requirements to hold an LPC Intern license.

What is an LPC Intern license?


When a counselor is licensed as a LPC Intern it is an indication they are working towards full licensure with the State of Texas as a licensed professional counselor (LPC).  This process requires the counselor to complete a supervised internship of 3000 hours with a LPC Supervisor (LPC-S).

What is a LPC-S, LMFT-S, LCSW-S?


All licensed professional counselors begin as interns (LPC Intern, LMFT Intern, LCSW Intern) supervised by a licensed professional counselor supervisor.  These are licensed professional counselors that have taken additional training and met the State of Texas requirements to supervise interns in their post-graduate training.  All Interns work closely with their supervisor outside of sessions to gain insight, guidance, and direction with various client situations to enhance their skills.


All Interns at New Directions Counseling and Wellness Center are supervised by board approved supervisors.

Will I pay less to work with an LPC Intern?


Yes! LPC Interns offer reduced rates while completing their internship as well as sliding scale options based on income. If financial resources are a concern, simply discuss your needs directly with your counselor.

Do LPC Interns Accept Insurance?


No. Until they fulfill the required intern period, as established by the State of Texas, they are unable to be on insurance boards in order to be reimbursed by the insurance companies. Once the intern’s period is complete, then they are able to apply to be on the insurance panels to be able to accept insurance.

I am hesitant to work with an LPC Intern if they will be leaving after completing their internship.  Will they be around for a while so I can maintain a relationship with one counselor?


We understand your desire to maintain continuity in your counseling experience.  LPC Interns cannot complete their hours in less than 18 months, and often require two years or longer to do so.  Our LPC Interns plan to complete this lengthy process here at New Direction Counseling and Wellness Center.

What type of counseling services do your interns provide?


Our LPC Interns provide a wide range of counseling services for adolescents, young adults, middle-aged and seniors.

I have additional questions.  Who can I contact?


We welcome any questions you have about the counseling process.  Please call our office at 972-680-8986 or email us at  We are here to help!