“To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer

Our clients inquired about how we came together as New Directions Counseling and Wellness Center. A combination of history, circumstances, friendships and good timing found several of us seeking an opportunity at the same time. Each of us recognized the value of pulling together providers with a variety of experiences, knowledge, and training under one roof.



Cornerstones of Our Philosophy


  • We value curiosity and have a commitment to life-long professional development. Practicing in isolation is not good for our clients or for us.  We meet weekly to share wisdom, keep up on the latest news in our profession, and share information from seminars we have attended.


  • We came together to build a counseling co-operative in which we would connect with each other to be able to better serve our clients. The word “synergy” was thrown around a lot in our initial discussions. The definition of synergy is “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”.


  • We humbly recognize that no one therapist can serve all of a client’s needs. A client may come in for individual counseling, but realize they also need marriage counseling or family therapy.  We are able to offer those services in one space for the convenience and comfort of our clients. Because we know each other’s strengths and counseling experience, we tailor referrals to give you the best match.  So when you call one of us and we know that one of our other providers might be a better fit we will connect you with them.


  • We believe in practicing what we preach. We know life is too important to take too seriously all of the time – you may hear laughter in our hallways between sessions. By joining together, we provide support for each other as professional sounding boards, lunch companions, brainstorming and accountability partners. We created a space that feels relaxing and comfortable for our clients as well as ourselves. So the waiting room has a fish tank, lovely photographs and soft lighting.  Each of our offices is our own oasis; our own forest in the middle of the city.


  • We are professional advocates for mental health in the community. We have a physical space that allows us the opportunity to provide group counseling and workshops as well as professional seminars to enhance learning opportunities for other therapists.


  • The Wellness Center Piece
    New Directions offers counselors trained in providing neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions. Additionally, we believe mental/emotional health is connected to physical and spiritual health. We engage in discussion with clients regarding all aspects of their overall well-being. For example, we may ask about sleep patterns or other habits that might impact mood, energy and relationships. Acknowledging we are NOT experts in nutrition, medicine or fitness, we often suggest clients consult with other professionals for an integrative approach to wellness.