Bringing Beauty Into Your Life

Bringing Beauty Into Your Life

In a time when the news is often distressing or disturbing, life feels chaotic and unsettled and we recognize control is just an illusion – I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from a favorite character:
Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind.

charm and grace(Yes, I’m a romantic idealist at heart.)

Rhett was tired. Exhausted by war, grief and witnessing tragedy. He needed to renew his spirit and clear his head.

So, when I’m talking with clients about Self-Care, Filling Your Tank and Living Intentionally we often discuss the question:

What Brings You Joy?

Today I want to challenge you to discover, or re-discover ways you might answer this question for yourself.

Specifically, in the realm of BEAUTY.

Attending plays, musicals, concerts and movies INSPIRE me.

Last weekend the kids and I saw Incredibles 2 and left Alamo Drafthouse excitedly sharing about the art style, the Foley Artists, music and plotline.

My “theater girlfriend” and I left a performance of Bright Star with an appreciation of the lead actress’s gifted portrayal of her character and marveling at the creative staging and scenery.

Then there’s JAZZ.  So exciting to see and hear Diana Krall at a sweet venue with another music-lover.

There’s so much more, but you get the picture.

Where Do You Find Beauty?

Music and performance art may not be your thing. So…

Perhaps you enjoy:

  • taking photos of colorful flowers from your garden
  • noticing patterns in the clouds
  • hearing the laughter of children
  • the look in your lover’s eyes
  • the smell of the rain, coffee or cinnamon
  • the feel of silk against your skin
  • walking in the park

What do you notice about these suggestions?

They all involve using your Senses.

They require being Present and Mindful.

Awareness and appreciation of beauty magnifies it.

Where do you find beauty, charm and grace?
How will you intentionally cultivate appreciation for it today?
This week? This month?

Need some help figuring it out? Call or email one of our counselors today.

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
–Franz Kafka

by Keri Riggs, M.A., LPC-S